SpinIt Casino – Have Fun and Win Safely!

Do you love the best gambling online? Then, it is a must for you to try Spinit Casino, a casino for real passionate gamblers. What are the reasons to believe so? Well, there are so many of them, that one would need several pages to describe all those advantages and in general everything that you could expect and on what you can count in Spinit Casino. Are you ready? Here we go then, with our super detailed review, to deliver you all the needed information about one of the most fascinating casinos.

Safety at Spinit Casino Is Guaranteed by the Best Regulators

Spinit Casino is not just an accidental player in the market. It has prepared a serious base to become one of the industry leaders, and licensing is one of the most important aspects when it comes to online casino work. Do you believe that a license from one of the most reputable provider is an evidence that is more than enough to trust a casino? And what about three licenses, and all of them are from the most reputable watch dogs? So, Spinit Casino has it:

  • A license from the Maltese watchdog which is considered a premium regulating agency in the world;
  • A license from Curacao watchdog, which is among those few accepted to cater the USA gamblers;
  • And finally, a license from the UK Gaming Commission, which is one more sign of Spinit reliability and the best evidence that you can count on an absolute safety when gambling here.

So, any of these licenses is received under different conditions, depending on the watchdog`s requirements. But there are some general, we would say, the most important requirements that are valid for any of these regulators:

  • 1 – a license of any of these regulator costs a lot of money. Some hundreds dollars are needed to get one of them, and you can triple the sum, because Spinit Casino holds three licenses from three best regulators. So, the casino is definitely financially super stable, otherwise, it would not be able to afford none of the licenses. Moreover, constant maintenance of each of the licenses is needed: audits, checkups, and so on – and this also costs a lot of money.
  • 2 – the casino puts, according to the regulation, some funds in a specially created foundation which aim is to protect the gamblers. We don’t even believe it can happen, but if Spin It Casino one day fails to move on with its activities, you can get some part of your deposits back, from the mentioned foundation. It is kind of a guarantee that attracts many players more than anything else and it is something why you should select a licensed casino for even the most lucrative gambling.
  • 3 – Spin It collaborates with the most known software providers. Yep, it is also one of those advantages that a reputable license gives: none of the acknowledged software providers collaborating with online casinos would never rent its creations to a not reliable casino. This is millions dollars business and none would risk its reputation for a couple of thousands.
  • 4 – finally, some personal security is also needed. And this is what a license provides. In the very worst case, you can even complain to the regulator, the license issuer. The casino knows it and will not risk thousands of hundreds of dollars, its reputation and, most likely, its future just to argue with you.

Of course, these are not the only advantages, guarantees and so on, but they are those that would be most important for any player. Spin It provides them all just due to the fact that it is a licensed company. Moreover, it is licensed by some watchdogs, all of them are the leaders.

eCOGRA seal is on all the games used in the casino. It means, all the offered to you options are tested and recognized to be fair and to provide an experience you would count on. eCOGRA checks if all the games work based on the RNG, and if not, the games provides will never receive the seal of the mentioned lab. It is all for your safety.

Bonuses and Special Offers Are for Everybody Who Is with Spin It Casino

Bonuses are one more factor that determines very often whether the player stays with the casino of leaves to look for better options. Spin It Casino is very well aware of this factor, that’s why on www.spinit.com, you can find plenty of absolutely varied bonuses for all players, doesn’t matter their budget and whether they are new or constant players.

Welcome Bonus Promises the Best Experiences

What about 1,000 USD as a bonus? And do you want some free spins as an additional no deposit bonus, as well? All in your hands, just signup with Spinit, make your very first deposit and claim it.

Here is how it follows, with Spinit:

  • The first deposit brings you an entire 100% bonus from the deposit sum. It is limited too 200 USD only, which doesn’t seem like something excessive or even extraordinary. Here, as well, you get the popular no deposit bonus: 20 free spins.
  • Further, the second deposit brings you an entire bonus of 50%, which is also limited. You can get the maximum 200 USD of cash. So, together with the first bonus, you have already received 400 USD maximum.
  • Then, the third bonus follows, it is offered on the third deposit and is just 25% from the deposit sum. It can bring you up to 300 USD, which also impresses, doesn’t it?
  • Finally, your fourth deposit can give you a 25% bonus with the maximum of 300 USD cash. So, altogether, you can receive 1,000 USD plus, a no deposit bonus of 20 free spins.

Note please that only the first bonus you get without any bonus code. If you want to take a complete advantage of the offered welcome promotion, you are very welcome to use a bonus code. The bonus code is the same for all the three deposits and is indicated on a www.spinit.com relevant page. Basically, this is one of the most lucrative bonus offers 2021.

Now, there is a turn of some bitterness. Free spins are valid only during 9 days, and if you don’t use them, you will lose them. So, better do your best, because basically, free spins are the same money that you save by not paying for spins, actually. You can play one of the most famous slots with them, the popular Starburst.

Further, there is one more thing that might not make you 100% happy. This thing is called wagering conditions, and spinit.com offers its welcome bonus with 40x wagering. It is not too high, but you better plan in advance your expenses if you want to use the bonus at its full.

Blackjack Is Special Here!

Do you love Blackjack? It is a must to try it on www.spinit.com. Here, while you are having fun with your favorite game, you are getting special cards. They bring bonuses, a lot of cash. And also, you can get a ticket to a special draw and, if your luck is on your side, it is gonna to bring you 1,000 USD more. You are a lucky one of you know how to play Blackjack and moreover, if you love doing it.

Vikings Bring Money

Vikings is a famous and very much loves slots from YGGDRASIL. And it brings money, a lot of money when you play it. Thousands of dollars are waiting for their winners. The total sum is 20,000 USD, but it is divided into different parts. You can win one prize or some of them. Or maybe you are lucky enough to get the entire 20,000 USD – all the treasure? All the money is credited immediately after you win it, with not a single exception.

Live Casino Has Something for You

Live casinos rarely offer special bonuses. At least, there are rarely bonuses that look like something significant. But with SpinIt, all is different. Here, if you play Live Casino, you can claim a 100% bonus on your first deposit, up to 100 USD. So, dealers are looking forward to spend it with you and, if you are lucky, to credit to your account all your winnings, hopefully, a couple of hundreds thousands of dollars. Do you want to try SpinIt Live casino? With this bonus, it should be an amazing experience.

Friday – a Bonus to Make Your Weekend More Pleasant

Every Friday or Saturday (ok, let us call it a weekend bonus instead of a Friday bonus), you can login, fund your account for 20 USD and get a bonus, the breathtaking 50% from your deposit. The minimum you can get is 20 USD (yes, you understand correctly, you should deposit 20 USD minimum to qualify for this very convenient offer) and the maximum is 100 USD (well, you did not expect that Spin It Casino will give you millions, did you?). A bonus code is not needed, just make the minimum deposit. It is already an indication that you want the real money.

Tuesday Brings Free Games and Money

Here, you need to “Spinit” to get the chance to participate. Deposit, play, “Spinit”, join the special bonuses, free games offers and reload bonuses from the Casino SpinIt. The best offer 2021 ever, you just need to try it out.

The Casino Spinit Promises That You Are Going to Love Mondays

We sure you will, because on Mondays, the SpinIt has prepared something for you: a 25% bonus on your deposit. You cannot get more than 100 USD with it. But neither you cannot deny that this is a very generous offer that allows you boosting your account funds some little bit.

This is not everything, of course. You can find many games on www.spinit.com, which offer something all the time. Open your favorite games. Make sure you read all the rules and conditions. Finally, check what bonuses are on nowadays. Are there some worth attention? Try the game, try your luck! And do not forget about wagering requirements, of course.

Promo Codes for Special Players

Promo codes bring special bonuses. No, not millions, as you might think. They are special in that regard that promo codes are not available to any kind of players. The casinos send them to selected gamblers. How those gamblers are selected, based on which principles, it is not clear. It might be some kind of activity of a gamblers, such as many deposits, a lot of bets, and similar. All in all, you need to do something very good for a casino to start getting the promo codes.

Spinit Is Famous for Slots and Not Only

As you can guess from the name, SpinIt the casino is all about slots. Other games are present, as well, even bingo is available, but the main accent is on slots, of course.

Slots Variety

Around one thousand and a half of slot games are found here. And if you check the providers, you will understand immediately that you just need to try most of them. Microgaming, NYX, NetEnt, Interactive, Quickspin and some others names that you would definitely want to try are there. So, it is nothing surprising in the fact that you can find here:

  • 3-reels slots, all those old-fashioned but still loved by many fruit- and vegetable machines that still attract many players with their simplistic designs, non-demanding layouts and simple but still lucrative functions.
  • 5-reels slots, those newest offers that make you look at the casino games in a completely different way. Here, the number of paylines is practically unlimited and depends on your budget only. Ok, it is limited of course, but can you activate some thousands of them? Well, ok, you can try. Anyway, these slots offer hide amazing, almost unlimited opportunities in them, and it depends on you only how you are going to use them.
  • Progressive jackpots slots – many of them, including the famous Microgaming jackpots networks, one of which is Mega Moolah. Some sums even look ridiculous, but they are the truth, and you can even win them.
  • 3D slots, one more newer offering from developers, are available here, as well. Here, in their case, you plunge in the slot world and act there in the role of one of the characters, complete missions, fight with enemies, look for treasures or what else the slot is about. Be one of the slot characters, select your favorite plot and just crack it!

Table Games

You might think that SpinIt is about slots only. How wrong you are! Table games are an irreplaceable element in any casino, including an online one. Here, you can find table games, as well, even though ok, we should agree that their variety might be slightly lower than in some other casinos.

Roulette in its classic versions, blackjack, video poker and some more options are at your service. Do not forget about special offers and promotions, the casino has prepared some nice indeed! Some of the best offers 2021 can be found there!

Live Casino Is Just Something Worth Trying

First of all, the live casino studios and software are offered by Evolution Gaming, a leader in this niche of the gambling market. Very smooth video streaming, excellent graphics, amazing life-like sound effects and just perfect speed of streaming are just a couple of advantages offered by this provider. All in all, with Evolution Gaming, you get the best.

First of all, do not forget about the bonus offer. Of course, it is not so much loved by everybody no deposit bonus, but you can get up to 100 USD additionally to your deposit. Of course, it is available for  live games only, but it is evident, isn`t it?

So, live casino. You connect to a live studio via a camera of your computer or mobile device. You use your microphone, the inbuilt one is ok, but if you have a headset, it is much better, to speak with dealers. This is the experience many gamblers seek for: live, real life communication with a dealer, which makes any experience so realistic. But this is not all. You can see how dealers are spinning the wheel, handing out cards, and so on. You can even communicate with other players who are sharing the same experience with you. But in this case, you do not talk. You chat.

The reason behind it is simple: the safety rules. The casino keeps the personal data of each player in secret, so, nobody can see you, but you either cannot see anybody. Well, there are not so many players who want that everybody knows about their hobby.

In live casino, you will not find any free games. Sometimes, it is considered as a disadvantage, but to tell the truth, it is very logical. The casino, in our case it is SpinIt, needs to pay for live studios, for your opportunity to enjoy this unique experience, and live dealers do not work for free either.

A Mobile Version? – Sure, There Is!

The casino is removing the limits by offering you a complete compatibility of their website with any device and any OS:

  • iOS if your preferred option? SpinIt is definitely available on your iOS and iPhone devices, there is no dedicated app to download. There is no fuss with installation. Just open your casino link in the browser, login to your account, the normal one, the one that you have registered with SpinIt, and enjoy the games.
  • Android? Or course, you can use it. All the experiences are available on Android devices, with the same unrivalled quality and security of a leader in the market.
  • Windows phone? Ok, we know that even not all casinos support it, but SpinIt definitely does. If you use a Windows phone, you can play any of your favorite games on-the-go, and moreover, all your bonuses are available both from the PC and from the phone!
  • Blackberry, the situation with this OS and brand is even sadder than the situation with Windows phone. But still, Spinit did not give up with it. You can open the casino in your browser and claim there any, even your last no deposit bonus, and to play any game. Withdrawals and deposits can be made easily, as well.
  • Ok, finally, have you ever heard of Tizen? If you have, you must be very advanced and understand a lot about mobile technologies. So, Tizen is supported, as well.

Free Games to Test the Platform

Sometimes, and especially in this case, it looks like all is clear and there is not much to test. However, SpinIt considers that players are different, with different demands and requirements. That’s why you can play a wide range of games for free. Free games allow you not only to test the casino, but to check if you personally like everything in the offer. Note please that you can play free games either before the registration or before you make your first deposit. Usually, the second option is limited in time.

Payments Methods Are Just What You Could Expect

Here, you can deposit your precious bucks and cash out any winnings that you might have in plenty of options:

  • Bank cards, bank accounts are available anywhere, and SpinIt is not an exception. Consider though that these options might be among the slowest ones. No, it is not because of SpinIt. The casino processes all the transactions within a couple of hours. The payout is performed within 24 hours. But the banks are just known for being too slow with crediting your funds into your account.
  • E-wallets, the most popular among which are Skrill, Neteller and even Paypal. They are not less reliable in comparison with banks, but their main advantage is the speed. Basically, you get your funds to your account as soon as it is released by the casino. So, a couple of hours is the timeframe you can get your funds within if you are dealing with e-wallets.
  • Prepaid cards, such as Trustly, Zimper, and so on, are available, as well, even though they are limited to particular countries or even locations.

The connection is encrypted, so, you can provide any of your payment data freely and without hesitations. All is safe, each your sign.

Support at SpinItCasino

If you play for your money, you need to know that you have somebody to ask for any kind of assistance in case something is going on. Otherwise, you might just lose your funds without even knowing where they went for. SpinIt knows it, so, here:

You can write a message to a live chat agent, any time day or night. Weekends? Of course, somebody is there online to assist you! There are no such things as weekends or vacations or anything else that could prevent SpinIt from helping you.

Email is one more option to ask for any kind of assistance. Sometimes, players are not comfortable with writing online, they prefer to think thoroughly about each word before they send it. In such cases, live chat is sometimes pretty stressful, but email is just the option that is needed. Moreover, it is very reliable whenever you need to send some screens, docs, and so on, for example, for the verification of your account.

Our Verdict

SpinIt Casino is a casino to play in and to enjoy. Here, you get the best games 2021, especially if you love slots. Here, the most amazing bonuses are waiting for gamblers. Safety is not a matter at all, because all the possible precautions and security measures are taken to keep all your information as well as your funds safe. Support is not just available, but ready to provide you with the utmost attention you can dream about. Finally, there are all the possible options to pay and to cash out any winnings you might get, and you might get a lot!

Are you ready to spin and to try out the spirit of gaming, if it is good to you? Well, we haven’t mentioned yet where the casino available. So, it is available in most countries, including England, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, European countries. Most likely, you can play in the casino from your country as well! Spin it and win it!

Gamer: Harleigh Kavanagh