Sloty Casino – a Safe Newcomer with a Great Offers

Sloty Casino is, probably, one of the youngest online casinos that have already an established status and a stunningly good reputation. And do not forget about a lot of clients, as well, which is one more indicator of the casino`s reliability and friendliness.

The casino started its life in 2017, so, it is just 2 years old and is already among the most reliable online casinos in the world, which we find just amazing. And it has the license of one of the strictest and the most demanding watchdogs in the world, the Maltese watchdog. The famous Genesis Global Limited Casinos Group is behind Sloty casino. We should remind probably that the Group is managing a lot of well-established casinos and newcomers in the online casino industry. Hence, Sloty Casino has a good reputable background. It is worth mentioning that the casinos of the mentioned group are among the most loved by all kinds of gamblers.

As if these casino`s achievements were not enough, just recently it has received an award from the UK regulator and got the status of one of the most trusted casinos in the world. Of course, the UK watchdog license is also among those permissions that are issued to Sloty Casino.

However, we believe, it is worth mentioning more words about the license and the guarantees that it provides to gamblers. To mention, different watchdogs have different requirements to licensing, and the Maltese one is known for its strictest requirements in the mentioned industry.

If a casino, including Sloty Casino, of course, has a license of this regulator, it speaks first of all about the Casino`s safety for players. All games are checked and tested thoroughly and constantly for fairness and reliability. Moreover, checks and audits are performed on a constant basis, and the casino pays for it big money. So, a Maltese license always means fair gambling.

Further, it is always about the safety of the funds of players. Any casino, based on the license requirements, is obliged to comply with some financial requirements. One of them is keeping the players` funds in a separate account than the casino`s funds. It means that none casino is able to use your money for its own needs even if the company wants it very much. Another requirement is keeping some reserves in a specially created fund for protecting players. It means that whatever happens with the casino, you can count on some % of your investment back from the fund, from the money that casino keeps there.

A Maltese license is also a sign of the financial stability of the casino. Just to pay the license, all the required procedures, checkups, audits and verifications, the casino would need some hundreds thousands of dollars, leave alone the need to keep the license by paying money every year for repeated checkups and license maintenance.

That’s why any casino values a Maltese license a lot. So, whenever you have serious issues with the casino, you even can complain to a regulator. If your issue is considered to be serious and worth investigation, and it appears to be the truth, not a misunderstanding, the casino even might lose the license. Do you believe a casino that has spent a lot of money and efforts to get the license will risk with it for even some thousands of dollars? That’s why you can count that any by the Maltese watchdog licensed casino (including Sloty casino, of course), is a reliable and a fair one.

Sloty Casino Games Variety

Another advantage of Sloty casino, and you will love it, is the number and the quality of game that the casino offers on its website. Around 800 games can be found there, from all kinds of the more and less famous providers. So, you can be sure that you will find there your favorites options as well as interesting new for you options to try your luck.

Slots on

Around 800 slots are there, with amazing jackpots waiting for somebody to take all that money away. Here, you can enjoy the pearls of Microgaming, NetEnt, Play`N Go, and many other providers.

  • 3D slots, one of the newest offerings in the market today, invite you to plunge in the gambling world as if you were one of the characters, discovering new things, completing missions and winning points that can be used to get some lucrative bonuses.
  • 3-reel slots from those good old times when gambling machines have just started their way, as well as online casinos. There, you can enjoy classical fruit- and vegetable machines if you feel nostalgic for simple and straightforward games.
  • 5-reel slots, those new gambling machines that provide you with huge winning opportunities due to the fact that the number of winning lines can be increased to some thousands. The main thing is to have enough money for it, because you need to pay for each line, unless you use free spins, of course.
  • Slots with most played progressive jackpots, none casino is complete without these difficult, almost impossible to win and that’s why just breathtaking games. Mega Moolah has been won already, but the jackpot is being accumulated again, with lightning speed. So, maybe you would like to wait little bit before you start fighting for it? Instead, there are plenty of other jackpot options, just select the slot that is more attractive to you or that has the highest jackpot. Ready? Maybe in this casino, you will catch that luck that comes once in a life and influences the entire life!

Table Games on the Casino

SlotyCasino cannot let you get bored if you value table games above all. Here, you will no doubt find all the existing table games kinds, in all their variations.

  • Blackjack – all options are available, including the standard ones as well as exclusive offerings available in SlotyCasino only.
  • Roulette – it is a game without which any casino is not complete even if it offers the best games otherwise. Here, you can come across both the standard as well the exclusive roulette versions. What about spinning the wheel and see if your luck is on your side today?

  • Baccarat, a game that practically conquered the online casino industry, is also available. So, if it is among your favorite ones, SlotyCasino is the best place to try it.
  • Video Poker? Here, you will find its most popular and the best options, just open the needed tab and enjoy.
  • Bingo as well as Scratch games are also there.

SlotyCasino on Mobile Devices

You do not have a PC or love your mobile? Then, this casino is no doubt one of the most optimal option for you. You can play almost the entire variety of games on any kind of your mobile devices. The casino is among the youngest ones, so, it doesn’t offer any application. You don’t need to look for a special app in the Store app and download it from the mentioned Store app. No download and installation are needed. So, you get rid of unnecessary need to waste your time for app download and additional hassle for its installation. Moreover, any app would take additional resources of your device, doesn’t matter how small and lightweight the app is.

So, you can access all variety of the games offered for a mobile version with one click, just open your browser and the website. After that, login to your account and enjoy the best and, which is not less important, fair experience with By the way, all your achievements are kept in the mobile version, as well, because you have the same player account. Even though some players still believe that a download version is better and faster, but thanks to the newest technologies, it is very far from the truth nowadays. Now, you can enjoy just any of favorite games without any sacrifices to quality or speed, if you have a proper internet connection, of course.

Live Casino Sloty

A good casino is undoubtedly a casino that can offer live games. Based on this requirements, Casino Sloty is definitely one of the best casinos online. It offers just plenty of live games, all kinds of them. We bet that some of the options you have never heard of.

All you need is to login to your account, to select a live option and to start playing, and, hopefully, winning.

Live dealers are waiting for you in amazingly adorned live studios to provide you with the most realistic casino feeling ever. You can talk to them, watch them spin the roulette ring or hanging in cards. You can see their smiling faces and listen to their welcoming voices any time you join the live studio.

All the games are played in a live mode, you are connected with a live studio via your camera. Basically, we could compare it with any messenger. However, there is one significant difference from any messenger that you use. Your confidentiality and safety online is a priority for any casino, hence, when you are there gambling online, nobody can see you, just hear. As well, you cannot see other players, and you never know who is playing at the same table. You can chat with them though, which makes the entire experience even more realistic.

One more requite realistic feature that can take place is that the places at live tables are limited. So, you might need to wait until a place frees before you start playing. It works for the most loved games, as a rule. But we have a very good news for you: the Casino Sloty offers so many live games and live tables, that there are free places practically at any time. That’s why we recommend selecting the casinos with the best games offerings.

One more thing that you should know about any live casino is that is almost never has free games or any other options to play for free. It is clear why so: the casino needs to pay to the live dealers their salaries, and the rent of live studios is not free, as well. So, in 99% of the cases, you can play for real money only. But instead, you get a real experience, as well.

Bonuses and Many More Lucrative Offers on

A casino cannot succeed without players, and players love bonuses and many more things that good casinos offer to keep their clients happy and interested. Here, on, you are welcomed by one of the most stunning offers in the online industry: a breathtaking welcome bonus that can reach up to 1,500 USD. To make wagering easier for you, the bonus sum is divided into 4 deposits, and on each deposit, you get a special offer. Here is how it looks in more details:

  • When you deposit your first money, you get a 100% bonus on the entire sum of your deposit if it doesn’t exceed 300 USD
  • The second deposit brings you one more bonus, as it has been mentioned. This time it is a 50% bonus, and the maximum is 400 USD
  • Further, follows the third deposit and a 25% bonus up to 400 USD again
  • After that, the last deposit from the bonus series brings you a 25% bonus and the maximum is 400 USD.

Does it look like something worth attention? We would like to add one more important detail to this bonus offer. Yep, you are right, everything doesn’t end here. What about some free spins? With the first deposit, you get not only the mentioned welcome sum, but 300 free spins. First of all, the number of free spins is just stunning. Second, they will allow you to save a lot of money! Can you consider the mentioned free spins a no deposit bonus? Well, as you wish, most gamblers do so, even though, to get this no deposit bonus, you still have to make a deposit. No bonus code is needed for the entire welcome bonus 2021, neither the real money nor the spins.

Real Money, Spins and Other Bonuses Do not End Here

This just breathtaking welcome bonus is far not the only offer of the Casino Sloty. Many more lucrative offers are waiting for their devoted players there.

Monday Brings Cash

If you play online in Sloty, Monday will become a special day for you. On the day, you get a 50% bonus on your two deposits made during the week. Well, the sum is limited to 100 USD only, but still it is very nice. Ah. Just to mention: 40x wagering is required before you can cash out the bucks. Well, that’s little bit higher than an average value, but nobody would give you any cash for free.

Monday offer doesn’t end with it. The bonus consists of one more part. You get 20 free games to accompany the cash bonus. Can we consider the second bonus part as one more no-deposit bonus? Well, it is up to you, we would do so. And again, no bonus code is needed for that.

Happy Hour Comes Every Day

One more bonus is called based on its specific: every day during particular time, you can get 10 free games if you make a deposit of 20 USD or more. Well, do not forget that you can get your free spins only if you deposit the cash from 8-9 AM or 8-9 PM GMT. So, if you are planning on depositing some more funds, wait for this time, 10 free spins have never been something odd in an online casino. Promo codes are not required, you need just to fulfil the needed conditions to use all the advantages of the offer of the Casino Sloty.

Every Friday brings a 50% bonus to everybody who has been playing and depositing during the entire week. The bonus can reach up to 100 USD. And again, no bonus code is needed to get it.

VIP Club

This is an option any player dreams about. If you are a high-roller, Sloty will invite you to join their VIP club to be able not only play online but to enjoy many offers that ordinary players cannot even imagine. In any review 2021, you will find information about plenty of tournaments, special attention and care as well as many unforgettable offers for VIP players. They even receive their own promo codes that are not accessible for usual gamblers.

Promo Codes Are Available

From the review, you could have made a conclusion that none promo codes are available at the casino. However, it is not correct. The thing is that promo codes is a way for Sloty to award its best favorite players. You can get them to your mail, in an SMS or any other way you indicated for the communication with

Sometimes, third parties` websites are offering special promo codes. They are valid, you can use them to get the promised offers, but make sure you check that they are for 2021, not outdated. Because some websites rarely update their information. Sometimes, by the way, you can find promo codes, or rather a link to them, in reviews online.

Free Games Can Be Played

Whenever you are selecting a casino to play online you would like to know in advance what the experience is. Free games offer this opportunity, and you don’t need to invest a single coin to play. However even if you hit a jackpot, this will be just virtual money. So, if you play online for free, you cannot expect real money. Whatever you win? This is virtual money only.

Ways to Deposit Funds and to Withdraw Them

No review 2021 is complete without mentioning the way to deposit your bucks and to withdraw them, if you win something. On signup in your account, you can select any way that you like or that is cheaper or faster. Whatever would you prefer, can be found on the casino website:

  • Bank cards, bank account: the safest though maybe the slowest way to manage your funds. This is still the preferred option for many players due to the highest level of safety measures applied by banks. And the cash back option is available if you encounter a scammer.
  • E-wallets: it is not surprising that they are used at the same level with usual bank accounts nowadays. They are not less safe but definitely are much faster and cheaper than the banks. Cashback can be claimed in most of them, as well. However, we would recommend to be very careful with Neteller and Skrill. Due to some internal reasons, in some countries, there wallets might not qualify for the bonuses. However, if you are not after the bonuses, you can use both of wallets. By the way, withdrawals to e-wallets take up to 2 hours only.
  • Prepaid cards are used for depositing only, but they are becoming very popular now. The reasons are, as usual, very simple: safety, reliability, speed. Moreover, you can control for how much you are willing to fund your account: you cannot send more than the sum that you filled the card for. The main inconvenience of this method is that it is available in some countries only, such as the UK, Germany, Austria, and some more.

The casino uses the most advanced encryption software to protect your financial information and personal data when you are depositing funds or withdrawing whatever you have won. All your information, when it is sent online, is encrypted. It means, you can completely count on the website reliability and its absolute safety. No, we don’t insist that nobody can break into the casino`s security system and steal your information. But what he/she could steal? Just a string of random symbols that are not going to inform about anything. And to decrypt them, the entire life of the hacker would be not long enough. The software works to protect you online on both a PC and a mobile application. If you play not from a PC, but from your Android, iPhone, iOS, iPad mobile devices, you are protected, as well.

Customer Support Is Always Ready to Help

A professional, friendly and always available customer support is a must for any casino, without any exceptions. Sloty Casino knows it. So, you can contact their support agent whenever you need, just select the way that is more convenient to you:

  • Live chat is available without breaks, weekends, vacations, and so on. In other words, it works 24/7. They will ask you to provide some information, don’t worry about its safety though: do you remember about the encryption software? So, your information is safe, no worries here.
  • Email, one more standard option to contact a casino representative if you have some more complex or not a very urgent issue. As well, it is highly recommended, almost mandatory we would say, to select this option if you have a complex issue that needs attaching some documents, sending some screens or similar. In other words, to keep the communication history on the matter, send all via mail.
  • Phone, for those who prefer talking to somebody to feel that even in online casinos, real people work.

It looks rather standard, doesn’t it? There is one more important advantage when we speak about Sloty Casino. Do you remember how many times you were told to register in a casino whenever you contact a support agent in an online casino to ask some preliminary information? And if you are not their client yet, they simply ignore you or, like parrots, repeat again and again to register your account first!

This is something not accepted by Sloty. Here, you can ask any questions doesn’t matter whether you live in the UK, some African country or other country of the world, and doesn’t matter whether you have an account there or not yet. The casino respects all people and treats them equally without any division into “ours” and “not ours”. It is a definite advantage and we are happy to highlight it.

Our Verdict for Sloty

The casino is one of the newcomers but it has already taken the strongest position in the industry. The website is accessible from most countries in the world, including the UK (England), Canada, Australia, New Zealand, most of the European countries. All in all, you can play here from anywhere except the locations where gambling is prohibited in principle. The casino doesn’t serve yet the gamblers from the USA, even though we hope that in the closest future, it will be achieved.

Other than some countries restrictions, the casino has almost no drawbacks, and the advantages are just stunning. But the most important is of course the safety level of the casino. Do you want fair, reliable, safe and profitable gambling? Then, Sloty is your casino!

Gamer: Harleigh Kavanagh